My love of photography covers just about every aspect of image making. From close-up macro work, through photographing people, buildings and vast sweeping vistas.

My first love, though, has always been photographing place in all its many aspects. Whether it’s a stunning view or a grotty street, there’s beauty everywhere. Sometimes it’s the beauty of the whole, sometimes the beauty of seemingly ordinary details, which still have a purpose and spring to life when photographed appropriately.

Being a gregarious person, I also enjoy having a bit of photographic fun with real live people.

To this end I occasionally go along to Dark Lens, a local photographic studio, where I experiment with the very different challenge of photographing models in different styles and situations.

The biggest difference is the speed at which you work with living models. They’re constantly moving; changing pose and expression; the way light and shadow models their faces changing with every movement, with every nuance of their features, hair, clothes.

The other difference is the ability to control much of what’s happening. Lighting, pose, expression, clothing, hair is all controllable; and the girls like to be directed.

Landscapes, on the other hand take no direction whatsoever! They are what they are. There is, of course, control of composition through position and choice of lens. And, sometimes a degree of control of light, as long as you're prepared to wait for the clouds to break, or return at the correct time of day. Beyond that, hill, tree, house.

I’ll post my people photos here, from time to time. Here’s a few to get started.

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