I'm a very visual person and photography allows me to capture not just what I see, but the way I interpret what I see.

Some of my images are pretty well straight forward captures of that moment in time, whilst others involve a little more post-production to tell the story in my mind's eye.  These are still based in reality, of course, as they are photographs of real life things, but they just have a little Andi Rusyn twist.

This image is a perfect example of this.  This is one of my very favourite buildings – it looks like something out of Thunderbirds and has fascinated the inner child in me ever since I first saw it.  I'm sure that to most of the busy people who work in and around it it's just another tall glass and steel office block.  To me, though, the rounded end with its sleek concrete ribs that reach for the heavens but terminate in the quite intricate detailing that runs around the top edge lifts this into the realms of an almost fantasy creation.  

And it just cries out to be photographed.  I've captured it's different aspects in different ways and this is one of my very favourite shots of it.  Here, I've tried to capture the drama of the ribs racing for the sky but crashing into the highlighted roof-top detailing. 

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