Steelhouse Lane Lock Up - Andi Rusyn

The Steelhouse Lane Lock Up is a Victorian jailhouse where members of the notorious Peaky Blinders street gang were locked.

It opened 125 years ago and only closed in 2016. It was also briefly home to murderer Fred West.

It’s now Grade II listed and is reportedly haunted. Two cells in particular and a tunnel leading to the nearby courts are especially spooky.

was lucky enough to attend a themed shoot in the prison. The building itself was the main reason I wanted to go, and it didn’t disappoint although several modern additions did ruin the atmosphere somewhat. All-in-all, it’s a fascinating place and an amazing building that will hopefully be saved as a museum.

You can see a few of my shots of the models in Victorian outfits on the Portrait page. Here are the shots I took of the building itself.

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