International Automotive Photography Awards 2023

I’m honoured to have had this image selected as the overall winner in this year’s IAP awards.

I usually work in black and white – it’s by far my favourite medium. Sometimes, however, an image just cries out for colour. Usually an image such as this one, which, funnily enough, has little colour anyway.

In this shot, colour highlights the faces and, to a lesser extent, the subject of their ‘devotion’ – the components that make up the back of the car.

Just as I don’t usually shoot in colour, I don't normally name my shots, but this one has a name – it's called 'The Disciples'. It just shouted at me!

After all, that is what we all are, disciples of the automotive world and motorsport in particular. Passionate, dedicated and (dare I say it?) obsessive.

I will forever take photos just for the joy of it, but it is very nice to be recognised by my peers :)

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