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University of Wolverhampton Racing

University of Wolverhampton Racing (UWR) is the only student-run team competing in the UK. Under the guidance of experienced staff from the professional motorsport industry, students work together to race a fully-specced and competitive cars, driven by professional and semi-professional drivers.

Up until last year they competed in F3 Cup and the Morgan Aero Challenge championships. From 2022, F3 has been replaced with the Praga R1 Cup.

UWR is now the official works team for Morgan, running a total of four cars, two university cars and two works cars.

I'm the team photographer and I document the team's progress through the season, starting with pre-season prep and testing all the way through to the final race weekend. 

See the Praga R1 Cup here.

See the Morgan Aero Challenge here.

See the F3 Cup here.

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