UWR F3 racing team

Pre-season workshop pt1

Pre-season workshop pt2

Pre-season shakedown

Race weekend 01

Race weekend 02

Race weekend 03

Race weekend 04

Race weekend 05

Race weekend 06

Race weekend 07

The final weekend of the 2019 season at Snetterton in Norfolk.

A long season full of hard work and dedication from the team all came down to this. 

There was still a small, if unlikely, chance of finishing first, but the gods did smile quite enough and the season finished behind safety car, with a well-deserved 2nd for UWRacing.

I've been very lucky to be involved with this bunch all season, most of whom will be moving on to other things, including Williams F1.

I'm also lucky that the final photo I took (the very last one here) was so perfectly apt.

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